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Motern Media
PO Box 271
Danvers, MA 01923
(603) 644-0048


One guy has written 18,000 songs!!!!!
His name is Matt Farley.  He uses 70 different aliases including Papa Razzi And The Photogs, The Very Nice Interesting Singer Man, The Toilet Bowl Cleaners, The Passionate & Objective Jokerfan, and The Singing Animal Lover.
He has a foolproof plan to make $1Million!!!!
He has declared that June 3rd is WORLD MOTERN DAY.  On WORLD MOTERN DAY, 1Million people will listen to the OFFICIAL MOTERN MEDIA PLAYLIST on Spotify.  It's an 8-hour playlist with 300 of Matt's best songs.  Each time someone listens to the whole thing, Matt earns about $1.50. OFFICIAL MOTERN MEDIA PLAYLIST on Spotify
What if it doesn't work????
Matt has declared that he will continue his prolific songwriting until 2018, when he'll have reached 20,000 songs!  If his foolproof plan to earn some serious money hasn't worked by then, he will quit!