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October 11, 2016

you are my hero. without you I would never appreciate senators angus king and roy blunt.

p.s. please write a song about american hero and highschool footballer bob dole

Mrs Farley

October 5, 2016

songs about office supplies changed my life
songs about door too

I wish I had an autograph

alex tgrivette

September 23, 2016

i wub u


September 3, 2016

I'm a huge fan of your music! Thank you so much for writing such amazing songs. I'm glad I found your website, because I wouldn't have known you also make movies and let people ask for custom songs. So awesome! Keep doing what you're doing! Thanks again. :D


August 4, 2016

Please do a song about you mispronouncing all the cities you mispronounced.


July 19, 2016

Congrats on being featured on All Songs Considered's ice cream episode and your music rules...

Max Forsberg

July 9, 2016

I am in love with this man and this tunes inspired me to become a professional Level Designer

Johnny Unicorn

June 10, 2016

Art finally makes sense. There really is no such thing as a good song; there is only what you enjoy or don't.


Moses Gonzalez

June 4, 2016

Matt Farley Just saw ur live YouTube stream test. And just wanted to say I love ur stuff man. It always puts me in a good mood and helps put a smile on my face when I have a bad day at work. I sang ur mothers day song to my mom for mothers day while a friend played the piano. She loved it, it made her laugh and said I will go no where near her bum when she gets old :) I then showed her ur videos on YouTube. I've heard all ur albums on spotify and think u can b the 2nd best lyricist... of course weird al being the first :) any ways great stuff and hope to hear more of it


June 3, 2016

Thank you for working hard


June 3, 2016


Jared Sans-Subway

May 23, 2016

Your work is tremendous. Keep on killing the game.

Bob Crain

May 15, 2016

Motivated to find your stuff from the Gethard podcast, though I think you may have been mentioned by Lefsetz. Anyway, kudos! I am enjoying the Household Products And Household Items album.


April 26, 2016

Loved you on Beautiful/Anonymous. Hoping shit works out dude...listening to 1/18,000 songs right now. Cant wait to hear "Turtlehead"

Will Lemieux

April 14, 2016

Hello. My friends and I have now been listening to The Very Nice Singer Man and related projects for about a month now, and I can say with 100% certainty that it is one of the greatest things to ever happen to us. Thank you for everything you do for us, thank you for everything you do for this world. You are a true genius, and for that we thank you.


Chilly and the Hole Boys

Faith Hansen

March 13, 2016

Such talent! Love your music :) keep it up!

Nancy Johnson

February 27, 2016

Hi Matt -- Our son Alec's birthday celebration, compete with his own personal birthday song, composed by none other than YOU, was a tremendous hit. Emailed my rather large family with a copy, along with your website. Must tell you, the niece & nephew (Lulu, Tate & Ivy listed in the song) were absolutely enchanted with this song... and listened to it over and over. Thanks for making a special day that much more special. (Entering the Spotify date so that I can be sure to tune in.)

angie collins and kat ackles

February 13, 2016

dearest matt-
i am writing to you on behalf of my part time lover, kat ackles. we are huge fans of your establishment. your songs, such as, misha collins and jensen ackles inspire us to do great things every single day. we even made a collab of your jared padalecki song. i don't know where we'd be without your cathcy tunes to sing all day. truly, you saved our lives more than misha, jared, or jensen ever could. happy valentines day baby.


December 23, 2015

Hey Matt! Thanks for accepting my first time random noob call on todays show. I hate my voice and also feel stupid calling anyone but you're such a polite non-judgmental dude that I felt really comfortable. Glad I did, and will definitely be a regular listener for now on :) Happy Holidays sir.

B Dub

November 16, 2015

All the songs that I've heard so far make me laugh uncontrollably. My husband thinks I'm insane, but my preschool-aged son likes singing The Moon is a Spaceship. Also, the paranormal songs introduced me to stuff I'd had never heard of, like the "discovery" of the well to hell and people who believe the moon is a spaceship. Keep up the good work with these very creative and hilarious songs!

Sam & Austin

November 9, 2015

You are really cool, I like it when you sing about things like my name and sofas. could you please make a song about Sam, it could be for guys, but women with the name Sam would also appreciate because it also applies to them, or if you already wrote this song could you tell me.

Amazing girl

November 6, 2015

Thanks for the nice and catchy songs, luv from Sweden.
You also really opened My eyes when it comes to Robin Hood, what a jerk


November 6, 2015

Love your stuff, you're amazing!!! Keep up the great work!

James Riley

November 2, 2015

Please can you next making a songs about rim tickling?

Karina Boeckler

November 1, 2015

Ive got a crush on hillary clintonnn!!!
Keep up the good work! You rock! ily! Thx for being such a cool dude! If you ever plan on hiring it is my dream to work for you! !!!!

Mr. Josh

October 31, 2015

Matt plz eat a cheeseburger and use more profanity in your music. You're in the bonezone b•tch!!!


October 22, 2015

I've been a fan since the beginning! Keep the good work up!


October 19, 2015

I found your stuff through some random procrastination when I should have been reading about Noah Webster, while sitting in my library in Dartmouth. But I love it. And Local Legends (2013)--brilliant. Saying "10/10, would recommend", doesn't do it justice.


October 16, 2015

you should start a rap battle with someone...even if it's fake. People would love it.


October 16, 2015

OCTOBER 16, 2015
Would you look at that? Just look at it?


October 6, 2015

My wife thinks it's funny to ask our Amazon Echo about diarrhea and farts. Behold, your Diarrhea Song came up. We now own the album. Surprisingly, our twin daughters (8 mo) love to dance to it. It's sort of like a kinder, gentler Dead Kennedys. And they can really relate to the lake/snake business. Constipation in an 8-month old is no fun. Nor is diarrhea.

Mike D.

September 21, 2015

I've got one of your songs stuck in my head, today: I Sing On Your (Wedding Cake). Don't know why it's stuck there, but there it is.

It's not even my favourite.


Marcel Tran

September 14, 2015

Thank you for your insight on Andy Rooney.


September 12, 2015

I think you're my spirit animal.


August 30, 2015

Hey Matt ! Just discovered your work through your Bob Dylan album. You truly are the most clear-sighted Bob Dylan fan ;) Wonder if you had any idea of where i could get a copy of that promotional 1996 live album ? Thanks from Paris, France


August 13, 2015

just listened to the OTM podcast... I'm impressed.


August 12, 2015

PLEASE do t-shirts!


August 6, 2015

Hey, Matt! Keep it up, love your music and podcast


July 25, 2015

You might not be making a ton of money, but you have fans! Or at least, you have 1 fan right here!


July 7, 2015

Your answer was just what I neeedd. It's made my day!

David Norton

May 5, 2015

I commend your work, and recommend it too.

Sarah White

April 24, 2015

Thank you for answering the phone when I called :)

Cole Riel

April 22, 2015

Hey, why have I not signed this yet? I'm the biggest Matt Farley fan in the world, besides Matt...


April 17, 2015

There was article in local newspaper about you. I was interested, so i decided to listen to your songs. I added few of them to my Spotify playlist.

I love Finland song!

The Axe

April 7, 2015

Matt, we're walking around with our tongues on the floor out here… it's been weeks since the last podcast!

Anthony Patton

March 31, 2015

Hey there matt, I love your music, and its hard to believe that you have 70 different accounts on spotify! I watched your movie and listened to a lot of your songs. Keep it up and i can't wait for june 3rd!

Daniel Isca

March 2, 2015

Hey Matt! I'm a huge fan. Learned of your stuff from listening to the Bone Zone. Always love hearing you on that podcast. Hope to hear more form you. Keep doing your thing and best wishes to you and your family.


March 1, 2015

Rock on. where do you write most of your songs?

Nadja Bergqvist

February 24, 2015

I love your song "Frodo Baggins", truly love it!

Jim Waterman

January 19, 2015

You're my hero. My son, who is 25, has written about 1500 songs, but he can't hold a candle to you. Hopefully the recent press has done you some good. You'll have to figure out how to automate the custom song writing, it could be very lucrative, unfortunately, there's only one you.

Best regards

Jim Waterman

J P Falgout

January 15, 2015

Hey Matt,

It's J.P. Falgout! Just wanted to say a belated thanks for writing the song "J.P. Falgout" all those years back. It's a huge hit in my area and people are always spinning it on their vinyl MP3 players. :) Keep chugging along brother ... and feel free to do a part 2 if you have the time. Haha

Robbie Janz

January 13, 2015

Before you sent me your CD's, I had one or two people who had said they wanted one. When I got them, I gave them the CD, they told their friends, and by the end of the day I had run out. People loved them! I uploaded mine into my iTunes library so I could put it into a frame. Your music is really great! Moes Haven and Projection From The Side are great too! Much of my music is inspired by what you do.
Robbie, a member of The Three Derpys


January 5, 2015

My friend ends all of his poems with "... I poop on you." I sent him your album.

btw, I can't get your Sh***y songs out of my head. :D

Thank you!

Gordon Parkhurst

December 14, 2014

I am love with Matt Farley. He is a beautiful and sexy man. I wish to bear his children, who will all have hairy chests just like him.

Andrew Cole

October 30, 2014

I first heard of Farley on TLDR. Since then I have been browsing his music collection and catching up on his podcasts. Tomorrow I will subscribe to the long walk newsletter. I used to walk till I got blisters myself and had some great times.

Daniel Tipton

October 10, 2014

I discovered you today looking for David Koechner on Spotify. Now, you're my hero. I've listened to a few of your "bands" and really enjoyed most of what I've heard. The Toilet Bowl Cleaners is certainly the best. Haha.


August 22, 2014

I just watched Local Legends and I really liked it! I found it to be quite appealing, and I am going to be showing it to my friends. Keep up the good work!


July 20, 2014

Some great music! I love it all.

Tara Verheide aka Sinclair Scripa

July 8, 2014

As an artist familiar with the avant garde I commend Matt Farley for legitimately being way out there not just on the front but the back side and bottom.... soon perhaps the top. REMEMBER dear Matt... SunRa as per our phone conversation today. Only he rivals your discography with perhaps another modus operandi... he travels the SpaceWaves.
Tara Verheide

David Silverman

June 29, 2014

Just heard your song about meeting Scarlett Johansson in a coffee shop -- it was actually very real and quite touching. Keep on producing your beautiful works of art...! A friend and fellow musician, David

Ryan Black

May 7, 2014

love your work man and your movie living legends was amazing really good stuff keep it up :D


April 13, 2014

My friends and I just discovered The Passionate and Objective Jokerfan and branched out to your other music and are obsessed and thank you for giving us wonderful, laughter-filled moments!

Andy Reese

April 3, 2014

finally got around to checking out your site, very cool project

do you remember meeting this little girl in Salem this past October?

Hope you do very well with your music, great ideas, great originality, and great entertainment


March 30, 2014



March 26, 2014



March 25, 2014


Matthew Stephens

March 12, 2014

1.You know when you eat something spicy and when you poop it BURNS your butt hole?

2.You know when you are at a restaurant and the bathroom has really THIN toilet paper?

3.Yellow snow? How about BROWN snow?!

4.You know how deer pellets, rabiit pellets, or any other animal pellets kind of look like M&Ms, or chocolate covered raisins?

5.The different colors of poo-green, black, etc.

6.What if BIG butt girls made BIG poops?

7.When cats puke/vomit

8.When cats have a hairball

9.When you eat a lot of food, and later you have a REALLY big poop

10.When you have the sudden urge to fart in someone's face

11.When you are in the bathroom and you have just taken a poop, and you then realize that you are out of toilet paper

12.When you are about to kiss a girl but you accidentally burp

13.When you are peeing and you aim wrong and your pee hits the toilet seat

14.When animals fart

15.When animals poop

16.If you pooped out of your mouth

17.You may not know this, but if you eat enough beets, you pee will turn red



February 9, 2014

Matt lad, I bought Freaky Farley on Amazon -- plan to show it to Barbara as Valentine's Day feature!


February 8, 2014

I think you need a better captcha generator, sir.


February 3, 2014

Hey, Matt:

I heard about you through the oft-mentioned NPR interview. I thought your silly songs were pretty entertaining, but I took some time and listened to some of your work with Moes Haven. There's a lot of heart in that catalog. You have a new fan, sir.


January 30, 2014

I love everything that you've done. Movies too. I haven't seen a musician that's anywhere near as prolific as you are. You're pretty much the reason I still have spotify. Please keep going forever.


January 28, 2014

You have changed my life. I have always wanted to make music and started learning guitar a couple months ago. I spent an hour last night jamming along to your fun little songs. Thanks for the inspiration, and I hope you keep making more!


January 26, 2014

Heard you on NPR, and I'm so glad I did. Had to buy the whole "...ran out of poop songs..." album on iTunes. Dude, I'm in my 40s and this just cracks me and my kids up. Your goal is lofty. Keep it up, my friend.

William Pengelly

January 26, 2014

I heard your songs on NPR.
Really enjoyed your wormhole songs.
Hoping you wrote a song about a late Christmas present. I could use one.

Sean Tumblety

January 23, 2014

You are an inspiration my friend! Thanks for being an alive human. And congrats on the BABY! Peace,love


January 22, 2014

Heard your interview on NPR recently and just love what you are doing! Really made me smile AND inspired me to do the same with my aspiring writing career. Thank you!!

A fan

January 20, 2014

Thank you for making your music. I heard "Poop into a Wormhole" on On the Media and got a Spotify account just so I could listen to the rest of your music. Keep writing your songs!


January 20, 2014

Loved your interview on OTM airing Jan. 19. Your ability to create a song on demand is truly a clever endeavour which I have no doubt will lead to Ellen, Jimmys Fallon & Kimmel and the coveted "Colbert Bump." Best of luck to you! And thanks for the smiles!


January 19, 2014

Really enjoyed the NPR report on you. Your take on life, music, humor and profit tickled my funnybone. Made me wonder if you ever thought of writing a musical or an opera, turning everyday speech and actions into something sublime. Do you want to brainstorm? Oh, and somehow your art reminded me of the jack russel terrier named tillamock cheddar, may she live long and prosper; she makes paintings with help from her owner. Try to find them online if you have time and let me know what you think. All the best, Toby (ps, I don't yet know if you have written any Toby songs, but I doubt it because no one makes little license plates or keychains for girls named Toby, but I have learned to live with this.)

Stuart Cowan

January 19, 2014

Matt: Perfect product: fast turnaround, highly personalized, unique market position! Best of luck! Stu


January 18, 2014

Matt -
Just heard your story on WNYC's On The Media, which aired in Milwaukee. Wonderful story - a guy who is actually able to build himself an income stream from the Internet by doing goofy stuff he enjoys! Props!

Now I'm off to find the Riverbeast movie...


January 17, 2014

i like your songs and movies


January 17, 2014



January 14, 2014

I'm going to poop into the wormhole that you've created by buying a song!

Also Matt

January 10, 2014

Just heard you on TLDR... how do I find ALL your music on spotify? I will totally play it, all day, just to support the awesome, pointless thing you are doing with your life. Thank you!

Brian Harrington

January 9, 2014

Listener of thebonezonepodcast, love your music and appearances on the cast.


December 29, 2013

i think you are super rad please never stop singing songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!1!

PoopStuck InMyButt

December 15, 2013

I love your music with a passion. From in my car to playing it in front of my mother.

8 year old that has more money then you

December 6, 2013

im an 8 year old and I have more money then you!!!!1


October 15, 2013

Please stop Deleting my commens. I will sue you if you do it again. You will be homeless and have no food. Nobody will feel bad for you because you're ugly.

Dan Franzen

September 8, 2013

I'm watching Local Legends right now. Matt Farley's best to date.


September 1, 2013

You sir, are a hero.


August 10, 2013

I just stumbled across this TREASURE TROVE on Rdio by accident today and I think you, mister, are a comedy GENIUS. I am literally crying from the lyrics of these songs.

I just want to say I love what you do. You're probably my favorite person on the internet.

Hannah Spungen

July 19, 2013

Your album, Very Sad Songs About Dead Animals, is really keeping me grounded right now. I'm writing secondary essays for my medical applications, and each new dead animal song reminds me of the dead horse I'm beating in answering the same questions over and over. Thank you man.


July 19, 2013

Heyyyy Man!!


July 13, 2013

You're so super cool. Found your birthday songs on spotify, got obsessed with them, found the rest of your songs via The AV Club's article referencing you, got super-obsessed with them... you're an incredible musician.

Apple Tapple Capple

July 3, 2013

Pod what? Cast who?

Greg Campbell

April 3, 2013

what's up?

just heard you on a phone call on the Bone Zone podcast#55. You're songs are so simple, but very funny. Just figured I'd send you a shout, and let you know what i thought.

Did you ever make a bone zone song btw?


March 25, 2013

Loved you on the bonezone! Big fan of your work, been telling everyone here about it! (also, taking this opportunity to claim being your #1 New Zealand fan)


January 25, 2013

you're the voice of a generation. loved you on the bone zone. i thought you were a hoax at first until your second appearance on your full interview episode. i thought you were johnny pemberton. i hope your art will become more profitable for you soon.
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